Facts about boys Has The Answer To Everything

All about Young Boys whose characters, behaviors, habits and secrets that too in a psychological manner which clearly going to excite and lend us a such huge curiosity and not to miss even a single fact. Girls are quite interested in knowing the Facts about boys rather knowing about themselves. As a girl, I love to write about some particulars about boys.

Boys are mostly the hidden nerds

Boys are quick learners rather than any other genders. What they learn? From school and college syllabus?? No. They actually learn lessons from practice, experience rather than from books and being told by someone. It would be hard as a parent, being the loyal person when those lessons that boys learnt get hard paths and tears.

Psychopage - Facts about boys

Boys are good in teaching to their friends and closed ones. As they thinks about the situation which gonna be happen in future. They are good future analyzer. Some may be don’t think about their future and lives in present and makes the surroundings to live as well.

Master of Loyalty

You must know about Boy’s loyalty towards his friends, family and colleagues. This may be a main consideration which helps to understand the boys psych. They are influenced by aristocrats which can hold n’ number of them back. It needs a brave boy to move along long away from their back and so they hold each other. Then the point is succeeding.

Psychopage - Facts about boys

Being loyal to others make boys get into problem. Take a look, call a boy’s sibling with a dis respective name and you are in a fight! Just try to insult his friend and you will be waiting for a war!

Owns the crown of Aggression

As per the statistical report by eminent authors, Boys fight 21 times more than other genders. They are destructive all the time. As the researches found that boys generally fixed up at the end being friends after the disputes. Having these results into account when the male primates who don’t get into fight with other males during their young ages, grow up more aggressive as adults but not less.

Psychopage - Facts about boys

Shows mass with mass punch

Boys are team oriented by nature. They want to set in. They suppose to play team games and create themselves into a well designed friendship sets. Boys usually never want to figure them out from the troop.

Psychopage - Facts about boys

They don’t let them down in front of comrades and understand that they may from hard friendship choices rather than be in a cluster of one-by themselves. There might be a chances of choosing wrong friends rather than null friends.

Bad Listeners

According to psychological studies boys have comparatively less listening capacity than girls right from their birth and this capacity gets greater with age.

Psychopage - Facts about boys

Stands at high in committing suicide

As per the disease control prevention centers, boys are more likely to die from suicides rather than girls. It proved with documentation that about 81% of deaths were boys and 19% were girls from the reported suicides in the age group of 10 to 24.

Psychopage - Facts about boys

Feel pleasure for compliments

Here, boys accepts compliments from the opposite sex with pleasure as per many opinions. But, in fact, they are more pleased from the compliments from other boys. So, the sexual orientation doesn’t matters.

Psychopage - Facts about boys

When boys are receiving compliments each time at least by thrice it get increase his self esteem.

Ranking top in accident prone

Statistics from different centers have confirmed the broadly accepted claim that boys are highly prone to accidents due to physical courage and their intense nature as a result of testosterone.

Psychopage - Facts about boys

While most girls under estimate their abilities and may step further at the fist layer of waves but most boys over estimate their capabilities and put themselves into the plateau of danger.

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